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Ryan had his first trip to the dentist.  Despite what I thought were pretty decent cleaning habits, he has 3 (!!!) cavities.  I guess I need to rethink his vitamin regime, since most of them have a lot of sugar.   I think Mean Mom will have to limit the Halloween intake this year :(
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Oh no! Izzy is complaining about one tooth in particular, and I think she has a cavity! Her first dentist trip is on the 27th of this month and I'm TERRIFIED! Combined with the fact I'm almost positive she has 1 or more cavities, fluorosis, AND social anxiety I think I might need to sedate her in the morning before I take her LOL

Did he sit still and open his mouth etc?? I can't see Izzy doing that..
Yes, he opened his mouth and was quite cooperative. He did great. He even did very well staying still for the xrays. I was really surprised.
Is your water fluoridated? Tommy's done well since his first dentist visit at 2. They give him stickers and toys during his visits!
It's not. I'm generally not in favor of giving fluoride (particularly because my teeth were so over-fluorided as a child that it actually damaged my teeth and caused pits that became cavities). That said, I broke down and got him a prescription, although had we been more diligent about flossing, I don't think two of them would have happened (they're where two teeth touch). I think I'll shell out the cash for some MI Paste too.